10 Ways Little Learners Make Teachers Feel Loved


  1. They tell everyone that you’re the best teacher ever (even though you’re the only one they’ve ever had)
  2. They accidentally call you their parent/caregiver’s name.
  3. You could teach a lesson about a paper clip and they’d be excited.
  4. They laugh at every ridonkulous joke you make (get it?)… He-he!
  5. They are excited when they get the chance to sit next to you.
  6. They want to impress you (“Look, I can do a cartwheel!”).
  7. They give you special presents all the time (“I drew this picture for you!”).
  8. They make you feel like a celebrity when they see you outside of school (“OMG I can’t believe that Miss ______ is at the supermarket at the same time as us. Should we speak to her? Eeeeeek!”).
  9. They worry about you when you’re sick (“Where is ________ today?”).
  10. No matter how you’re feeling, their little smiles brighten up your day.

Credit to Creative Clips for the graphic.


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