Diary of an Introverted Kid


Well. It happened AGAIN today. I was asked that dreaded question. My dad looked at me awkwardly and said “How was school today? Who did you play with?”

Just to be clear, the reason why this question bothers me isn’t because I feel lonely and like I need closer friends. It’s because my parents and teachers are always at me about the fact that I don’t play with other kids at lunch time. It’s gotten so ridiculous that my teacher has started partnering me up with lunch time ‘buddies’ and my parents have started organising play dates for me behind my back!

Has anyone actually stopped to ask me WHY I spend my lunch times reading or day dreaming instead of chatting about the latest episode of SpongeBob Squarepants or skipping around the yard. Maybe it’s because I actually like relaxing and reading a book.

I mean, I spend the rest of the day with other kids. Lots of other kids in fact. And it’s not like I struggle to talk to them. My teachers have even said that they don’t understand why I am so good at being social yet choose to spend time alone. News flash… I quite enjoy having some time to myself. It’s not to say that I don’t like hanging out with my classmates. I just don’t want to be with people ALL of the time.

Where has the idea come from that I’d be happier and better off if I had lots of friends and were constantly with other people? Why can’t I please myself? I just wish my parents and teachers would leave me alone.

Introvert, Grade 2

Credit to My Cute Graphics for the graphic.


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