What is your favourite thing about school?


Each time ‘Parent, Student, Teacher’ interviews roll around, I ask my students (in front of their parents) to share what their favourite thing about school is. Of course I hope for responses that reflect their love of learning such as: “I just adore reading” or “I like to count using the blocks”. And if I’m really being honest I’d love to hear a “Libby is my favourite thing about school” response. Unfortunately, I don’t get to hear any of the above comments as much as I’d like!

Here are 6 of the most common responses I do tend to hear. I’ve also included the corresponding thought that goes through my mind on hearing them.

  1. “I love playing outside.” What about Maths? You like that right?
  2. “I enjoy having ‘free play’.” Don’t you mean “developmental” play with highly educational value?
  3. “I like eating lunch.” Oh dear
  4. “I like sitting next to my friend.” While engaging in cooperative learning tasks?
  5. “I don’t know…” What about eating lunch? Come on, just say something.
  6. “I like it when it’s home time.” Just smile…

Can anyone else relate? What responses have you gotten?