6 ways teachers can fake it when they are having a bad day


Number 1

Teacher: “Now class, because you’ve been so well behaved (and I’m sick as a dog) you can have a whole hour of free time!”

Students: “Woah, she really appreciates us! Best teacher in the world!”

Number 2

Students: “Miss, you should join in with our game of cricket”.

Teacher: “I definitely would, it’s just that I hurt my back when I was playing tennis.” (more like, when I got out of bed…)

Number 3

Students: “Are you okay Miss? I think your top is on inside out.”

Teacher: “Haha I was waiting until someone realised. Tricked you!” (Oh dear)

Number 4

Bell rings…

5 minutes later the teacher arrives…

Students: “Where have you been, Miss? We’ve been waiting for you.”

Teacher: “Grr I’ve been in a meeting upstairs and it went overtime.” (I slept through my alarm!)

Number 5

Teacher: “I didn’t mark your assignments over the weekend because I’d rather mark them with each of you individually (I was moving house). This way I can give you better feedback.

Students: “How thoughtful, she wants to put the time in to really help us learn and improve.”

Number 6

Teacher: “Please don’t forget to bring your library bags tomorrow or forget to go to the doctor”.

Students: “The doctor! What do you mean?”

Teacher: “I said ‘drama’, you have a drama class on tomorrow, right? (gee, I really do need to go to the doctor!)”

Credit to Creative Clips for the graphic.