10 Reasons to LOVE Teaching


I’ve come across a lot of posts that paint a depressing picture of what it’s like to be a teacher and makes it look like we never stop complaining about our profession (I’ve only been guilty of this once or twice… hehe!).

In an attempt to turn this around, I thought I’d focus on the many perks of teaching and spread some teaching love. Here it goes:

  1. Whenever you return to work, there is a count down to your next holiday. This means that you can always see the light at the end of the tunnel. You are also forced to take a substantial amount of holidays each year. Before anyone gets cranky, I understand that you may not actually “holiday” for 12 weeks a year but even if you get 6 of those weeks to yourself, you’re doing pretty well.
  2. You get to release your inner child and go on excursions to places you secretly love. For example, you have the excuse to go to water parks, kids’ movies and those cool hands on kids’ museums. To top it off, you don’t even have to pay!
  3. No two days are the same in a classroom, so you never get bored. One day you might be dancing around to ‘Nutbush City Limits’ and the next you’re making sculptures out of play dough.
  4. You experience moments when you strike it big and feel like you’ve won the lottery. Yes, this is when you’re told that you are getting an extra session of time release or your yard duty has been cancelled!
  5. You get to sing like you’ve never sung before, tell jokes like a stand up comedian and draw like an artist. This is all while being appreciated by your little audience.
  6. You get to watch kids grow, learn, be proud of achievements and know that you’ve played a part in helping them reach their goals. Corny but true!
  7. Now I can’t forget the morning teas… There seems to be an excuse to celebrate “something” at least twice a week. Whether it’s a 37th birthday, someone’s becoming an aunty or it’s international morning tea day. And there are always left overs.
  8. Those curriculum days (AKA kid free days) that feel like a day off!
  9. The fact that your dress up, days never end as you get to ham it up for special days at school. Think Mrs Wishy Washy for Book Week and your stripy flannelette number for Pyjama Day.
  10. And last but not least, the mountains of end of year gifts you receive. Amongst the “Teacher of the Year” mugs there is bound to be a sneaky bottle of wine and your favourite box of chocolates… or three.

Have I missed anything? What’s your favourite perk of being a teacher?


10 Ways Little Learners Make Teachers Feel Loved


  1. They tell everyone that you’re the best teacher ever (even though you’re the only one they’ve ever had)
  2. They accidentally call you their parent/caregiver’s name.
  3. You could teach a lesson about a paper clip and they’d be excited.
  4. They laugh at every ridonkulous joke you make (get it?)… He-he!
  5. They are excited when they get the chance to sit next to you.
  6. They want to impress you (“Look, I can do a cartwheel!”).
  7. They give you special presents all the time (“I drew this picture for you!”).
  8. They make you feel like a celebrity when they see you outside of school (“OMG I can’t believe that Miss ______ is at the supermarket at the same time as us. Should we speak to her? Eeeeeek!”).
  9. They worry about you when you’re sick (“Where is ________ today?”).
  10. No matter how you’re feeling, their little smiles brighten up your day.

Credit to Creative Clips for the graphic.