6 cringe worthy questions you may have been asked as an educator


Student’s Question: “Are you having a baby?”

Educator’s Thoughts: No, I’m just fat. I like chocolate, okay… and I’m trying to fall pregnant at the moment but am not having any luck! Waaaa!

Educator’s Response: “No sweet pea, that’s just my belly. It sticks out a little bit doesn’t it.”

Student’s Question: “What happened to your face?”

Educator’s Thoughts: I have zits. It’s really obvious isn’t it! Give me a paper bag.

Educator’s Response:Sometimes people get something called acne, which is when you get pimples all over your face. I happen to have lots of pimples on my face at the moment.”

Student’s Question: “Why don’t you have a partner?”

Educator’s Thoughts: Awwww, I was just dumped, I need to get out more and oh no, I think I’m starting to cry.

Educator’s Response: At this stage I don’t have a partner, but I may or may not have one in the future.

Student’s Question: “So you are having a baby… How will it get out of there?”

Educator’s Thoughts: Ouch!

Educator’s Response: “My Baby will push its way out of my tummy when its ready.”

Student’s Question: “Is God real?”

Educator’s Thoughts: How am I supposed to answer this question???

Educator’s Response: “Some people believe in God and some people don’t. You’ll have to decide what you think.”

Student’s Question: “You’re really old, Miss. Are you, like, 30? How old are you?”

Educator’s Thoughts: What? 30? That’s young! This must be some kind of joke!

What they might say: “Let’s just say that I am the right age to be your teacher.”

Credit to My Cute Graphics for the graphic.