8 ways to foster enjoyment in reading


  1. Let students choose their own books (Does an adult ever give you a book and tell you that you have to read it? Personally, I can’t think of anything worse than being forced to read a Sci -Fi novel and I’m sure there are genres that make you screw up your face too).
  2. Get your students to spend less time doing activities about books (When I curl up on the couch and read a book I might make myself a cup of tea, but I certainly wouldn’t bring a pen and some paper with me in case I feel like ‘jumbling’ up the words in the book and reordering them).
  3. Encourage students to bring in their own books from home to read (If someone is keen to read something, LET THEM).
  4. Give students more time to actually read (Yes, it is important to teach students reading strategies BUT they need to practise using them too).
  5. Allow your students to ditch a book if they don’t like it (Reading should not feel like a jail sentence – “Read this or else!” Have you ever ditched a book or do you have any half read books tucked away on your bookshelf?)
  6. Let students browse the library (Put away your stopwatch. It can take time to find a book that you want to read).
  7. Talk about your favourite book as a kid and share the story. It’ll put a smile on your students’ faces and model your love of reading (I remember when my teacher read ‘The Witches’ to me… Ahhh yes… they were so ugly…that little boy was so brave…what was his name again? And how could I forget…the Grand High Witch…she gave me the heebie jeebies… Oh, sorry, I just got side tracked by my love of reading ‘The Witches’).
  8. Create a nice environment for reading (Think wine, chocolate… ‘cough’ I mean, bean bags, fresh water and minimal noise).

Credit to My Cute Graphics for the graphic.